Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Makely's Finally got a new car! Mom has been worried about having to duck tape the baby to the top of the car since the old van was out of seat belts. So we consulted the budget and got a 2007 Honda Odyssey. My favorite color Nimbus Gray. It is very nice and I really feel spoiled driving it after driving my other van with no power anything for the last 7 years. O' the luxury of having power doors and windows. We even have a cool sunroof!


online lotto said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Brent and Emily said...

Hooray for 8 seat belts!! Odyssey's are nice. When I was a nanny, they had one. Lots of fun features and you can't argue with the top safety ratings!!

P.S. Glad to see you back on here. I love all the pictures! :)