Friday, October 24, 2008

Little bit Dopey but Happy

Which of Snow White's Dwarfs Are You?

You are part Happy. Perkiness is your middle name! You are so positive that your skin actually glows with a natural sunshine. Your laughter sets off a chain reaction of happiness and your friends love to be part of your life. A smile from you is genuine and can brighten even the dullest days.

You are part Dopey. You are so silly and amusing that you can make even the most serious people start laughing hysterically. Some may consider you a bit ditzy, but that doesn't offend you. You are absolutely the person that others want around them when they are blue because you find a way to make them smile- even if it is a joke at your own expense! You are a sweetie!

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Kasia said...

yea you are the best ones!!! I was doc and someone else (probably grumpy, just kidding :)

Kasia said...

oops I didn't mean that you are dopey, of course that was wrong, he is my favorite dwarf