Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas card Photos

Okay so everyone is asking why they didn't get a Christmas card with a photo. Well things didn't go as planned so here is what I had intended to send plus you get some background footage!

I know I have a problem but, I just love to dress up my family like they are dolls in matching clothes and making them sit still for 100 photo shots. It is amazing how hard it is to get 8 people to all smile and look at the camera at the same time. Maybe it isn't so fun any more. Any way we finally go it all together. Here's what we got....

Behind the photo footage

This year I had this brilliant idea that it would be easier to have the family to just take pictures in our yard than to get all dressed up just to sit for three hours at a photo studio. So we tried the boys first.....

Didn't go so well, Then the Family...

Some acting silly, some bored out of their minds, the rest just plain tired!

Maybe if I pout mom won't make us do any more!
Come on Dad do it with me.

Well after several hours and two different days we did get some pretty good looking photos of us individually. Thanks to Meredith Ellis running around our yard chasing our kids with her camera. Next time she says she is going to bring her sports lens, if we can talk her into coming back!

Merry Christmas,
May your holidays be filled with Joy and Cheer!


Josie said...

Yeah can't imagine getting 8 people to all smile and look at the camera.

I can't get our 3 to smile and look at the camera!

But you did get some good ones, what a beautiful family! Merry Christmas

melissa and nathan said...

I love it! Did you get on my blog? We had the same type of experience, minus a couple 3 kids!

Lisa said...

Great pics! Your are very photogenic, Tiffani!