Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning, Super Long Story!!

I have really debated whether or not to write about my incident. I think that I really just want to pretend that it really didn't happen and leave the memories way in the past. But, it did happen and if in the future I am asked exactly what happened I want to remember all the details. Hopefully my doctors will be inspired to find out what the cause was and get me some help. So what happened, you ask? Well get ready for a long story.

Last week was your typical week with sick kids. I had been coming down with a cold and now was feeling pretty lously. Gideon and Samuel hadn't slept well for 5 days now and it seemed to be really catching up with me. Saturday was a normal super busy day. We woke early went to Ephraims t-ball game. Came home dumped the kids off with Faith and ran to the grocery store. Fixed lunch and put them down for a nap. I then dropped off Malachi for warm-ups and ran back home to get everyone else. It was hot and Malachi's game seemed to go on forever. My mom offered to take Faith to her harp lesson, Thanks mom! After the game we headed over to the Brazell's to drop Mal of to get ready for the talent show. Ran home. Bathed everyone in record time and fed them a little. Didn't have time or energy to blow dry my hair so I wore it in a pony tail (something I never do!) Went to the talent show. Ate a little. Enjoyed the show. Didn't want to go home. Still very tired. Get home and realize there is no medicine left for Gid. I call Richard and ask him to pick some up after he helps clean up. He brings home Faith and goes to the store. 10:35 my neighbor knocks on the door. Totally not in the mood to visit I answer anyway. As she is talking I am thinking," I really need to get to bed!!!!" Phone rings, Richard wants to know what kind of medicine. He reads off what they have and I can't seem to comprehend what he is saying. I keep asking him to repeat. He is getting frustrated. My neighbor is still talking. In mid sentance I walk away from the door and go into the bathroom. I'm feeling like I am going to be sick. Still trying to tell Richard what I want I decide to lay on the floor. I get out a clean towel to lay on and slowly melt to the floor. My leg stays on the edge of the tub where I had been sitting and my hand holding the phone slowly drops the phone beside my head. Richard really frustrated now hangs up. First thought was, gee I really am tired. I think I will just sleep here for a moment. My eyes are still open. I can hear Faith talking to my neighbor and she shuts the door and goes to the other bathroom and starts getting ready for bed. Gideon wakes and is crying. I have to get him. I try to move and am stuck. I can't move anything!! I can hear my heart beating and I am breathing. I try to call for Faith to get Gid. No sound. I lay there. Soon Gid is out of bed and walking aroung crying looking for me. Eventually a little sound came out. He found me! He says he wants his blanket. I tell him I can't get it. "Go get Faith". He says no. He just wants to lay by me. The thoughts of Swine flu cross my mind and I am scared. Am I going to die? Tears well up. Gideon begins to cry. "Mommy is going to be okay", I mutter. I know lets sing a song. I begin " I love mommy she loves me", not a good song for the moment. After what felt like 30 min. Faith sticks her head in the crack of the door. " What are you doing??" " Faith call dad and tell him somethings wrong and then call 911". She dialed. The 911 operator began asking her questions. Soon I heard sirens. Richard pokes his head in and took Gideon out. Another head appeared. A woman EMT introduced herself and asked what happened. She squeezed in and sat me up. I was able to sit up I just couldn't lay back. Soon another EMT arrived and helped me into the kitchen and onto a gurney. They proceeded to check all my vital signs. Everything seemed to be normal. They loaded me into the ambulence and headed to Saint Agnes Hospital. When I got there they said that the hospital was completly full. I was put into a wheel chair and taken to the main lobby. There I sat. For 2 and a half hours I sat. I still had feeling. My hands would fall sleep and need repositioning. Richard would have to tilt my head when my neck began to ache. I was scared. I cried and would need to have my tears and nosed wipped. Just before 2 am. I had had it. I was not going to be pralyzed anymore. I am not sure if it was the blessing I was given before leaving home or my shear determination to not be there anymore I began to move my head. Slowly my first finger moved. After being able to move one hand I used it to masage the rest of my body. Within 30 min. I could move. I stood. We talked to a nurse and since she had never heard of this happening and I appeared to be fine they let me go home. What an experience. I have never been more grateful to wipe my own nose!

Sunday was Mother's day. I slept. Richard, Malachi, Hope and Ephraim went to church. Faith stayed home to help with the littles and to watch me. I was really afraid to be left alone again. Everything went fine. I drank tons of water and ate well. Sunday night again it happened. I was terrified. After laying on the floor for 20 min. in the familyroom infront of Richard and Faith who thought I was just resting I was able to regain movement.

Mondays Doctor appointment was what I thought. He had no clue. I will be going back tomorrow for the results of my blood work. Part of me is hoping to find something. The other part would like this all to be just a bad memory.

This experience has really changed me. I really thought hard about my feelings about my family. I love my Husband very much. I am grateful for the life he has lived with me. I love our 6 children more than anything in this world. I am grateful Heavenly Father has allowed me to stay here a little longer to raise them.

I hope you never have an experience that makes you feel as though it is the end. But, it sure helps you realize all that God has given you!


Amy Roper said...

Oh my goodness, Tiffany!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Glade may have some suggestions of tests and such. I'll let you know.


Lyn said...

When your daughter has an experience like that - it really makes you realize how much you love her, admire her, and appreciate her. I couldn't imagine this world without you, my darling!

Tiffani Makely said...


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry you went through all that, Tiffani. I hope the doctors see all this through and I hope you will take more YOU time; that might mean the boys come over for more playdates with Michael so you can rest...or go get a pedicure :)

April Cavanaugh said...

Tiffany...what an awful experience! You need to rest more. Simplify your life a little. While what you describe hasn't happened to me physically, it HAS happened emotionally...and it, too, has a physical effect. I hope there's nothing seriously wrong. Keep us posted! You are an amazing person, and I'm glad that there's an upside for you of being extra grateful for everything and everyone. You are blessed and you are loved!

David and Teishi Kennedy said...

Oh Tiffani! It's amazing that even this can't slow you down and that you can pull a positive life lesson out of temporarily down and out! We'll be praying for you that there isn't another repeat.

stacytcb said...

I am so sorry you had to experience such an awful experience as that. I will be thinking and keeping you in my prayers.