Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Medical Update

Thank you for all of your comments, phone calls and E-mails. I really didn't post about my experience to get any sympathy, but I have really been blessed by having so many care about me.
Update- I now have had this experience 5 times. The last three times I could tell that it was going to happen again. Once I become paralyzed and am able to talk again, usually 10 min. later, I can tell someone else to begin to move my body. Starting with my fingers helps so I can begin to work on the rest myself. The next 24 hours I feel totally wasted. Extremely sore and tired.
I have had total blood work up and a MRI done, of which I was having another episode during, and both have turned up negative. We have ruled out MS, Lupus, and heart, lung, and metabolic problems. I am now waiting to see a neurologist and will probably have an EEG done.

I have become less scared of the episodes and more frustrated that we can't fix me. I hope that we can find what is wrong and get started fixing it soon.


Brent and Emily said...

Wow, you had an episode DURING the MRI? That's actually kind of a blessing, right? So they could see what's happening to your body during it? I'm glad they've ruled out some of the really scary options but I do hope they figure it out soon. I love you! :)

Amy Roper said...

I'm glad the MRI was negative. That is definitely a good thing. I'm so sorry you are still dealing with this though. We'll keep you in our prayers!

Older and Wisor said...

It's 6 kids....seriously, if that isn't enough to whack out your body, I don't know what is.

Keep us updated.

Lyn said...

I think the problem must be un-travel-itis...the only cure being that you have to travel with your mom to England! I think I've been having some health problems that need that cure too :) OXOXOXMA

Julie said...

Oh my goodness - how scary! I'm so sorry you're going though this. You are definitely in my thoughts & prayers!