Thursday, October 15, 2009

H1N1= 7 sick

Boy, what an adventure we've had with the H1N1, Swine flu. About 13 days ago Gideon, Samuel and I took a trip to the Doctors office to get Samuel's well baby check up. Saturday night Samuel began to get really fussy. I thought that it was a reaction to the shots he had gotten the day before. All night Saturday Gideon, Samuel, and I were up. We were sick!! Thankfully Sunday was General Conference and we were able to stay in our jammies all morning and just be home. The next few days brought on the most terrible sickness I have ever had. The symptoms included fever of 101-103.7, runny nose, extremely stuff nose, stabbing painful headache, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, hot and cold sweats. The fever would last for 3-5 days and the symptoms would change each day. The vaporizer blew 24/7 for the last 12 days. I called the Pediatrician and they said we had the H1N1 and that they didn't want us to come in. My doctor also confirmed that I had it and that I should stay home. After what feels like months Malachi, Hope and Ephraim returned to school. Faith will be going tomorrow, she was the last to get it. Thankfully Richard managed to steer clear of the flu. Someone had to be well to help administer all the medicine!! I thought it would be funny to list all the things it took to make us well again. Here it is.....

3-calls to the Doctor
1- office visit
1- vaporizer going 24/7/12 days (wish we had two)
4-days of soup and chili
15- phone calls from concerned friends and family
2- boxes of Kleenex
10- rolls of TP
30 - Motrin pills
1- bottle children's Tylenol
1 box chewable Tylenol for the teenager who won't swallow pills
12- sudafed pills
1- bottle of much needed Vick's vapor rub
4 pk. saltine crackers
128 oz. Gatorade
25- Popsicles
2- thermometers
1- bottle Febreze spray (to kill the germs on the pillows!)
1- bottle Lysol spray (I've never cleaned so much!)
15- loads of laundry ( just towels, sheets and blankets)
200+ movies
15- hours of video games
1- entire season of a TV show
25- hours of pointless web surfing
400- pages of Harry Potter
125- pages of Junie B. Jones
16- baths (mostly Gideon who loves to soak)
5- trips to the store
1- Pack N Play
42- Prayers for Help
16- lost hours of sleep from midnight to 5 am
Cost for a Healthy Family: Priceless


The Mason Family said...
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The Mason Family said...

Good heavens Tiffani! I'm glad to hear you all came out of it as well as you did! I've been debating whether or not to get the vaccination...I think you may have just made the decision for me!

melissa and nathan said...

Tiffani! That is an ordeal! I hope we stay clear clear away from Flying Pig Flu! I see the pigs hovering over our town and occasionally swooping down and landing. So far so good. I am so glad you are doing better, all of you!

Brent and Emily said...

Yikes!!! Glad you all survived!

camfox said...

Wow. So, NOT fun. I'm sorry you guys had to go through that. Sounds terrible!