Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Re-cap

I thought I was totally prepared for the holidays. Isn't it funny how they still seemed to catch one by surprise? Here is a re-cap of what took place here at the Makely's.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with the Makely family. We were happy to see some of the cousins from out of town. I was happy to have my annual crafty gift done in time to pass out at dinner. I made a fun Christmas Count down. For the 12 days of Christmas our family turned over one square each day and did what the calendar said to do. Some of the things that we had to do were: Share a Christmas movie, drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, give to the homeless, and so forth. I think doing the count down helped us focus on the real spirit of the holidays.

All my shopping was finished on Black Friday. Christmas cards were printed and ready to go by the 1st. Thanks to my mom helping me get them printed. I think next year I will skip the whole "homemade" look and go with the store bought cards everyone else does! "Homemade" somehow always turns out to be a little more than what I bargain for!

It just isn't the holidays with out the Annual Winter concert. We enjoyed Malachi's Christmas concert on his clarinet. I am amazed at how well he is playing already.

Seven Christmas Parties, One really big successful Bishop's Open House, Christmas Eve pageant and we finally made it to Christmas!

Faith had a very Juicy Christmas, Malachi had everything Harry. Hope really wanted a violin and Santa came through. We are excited to see her talent blossom. Ephraim and Gideon have new RC cars that make walking in our house a little tricky. Samuel was happy playing with what ever was left on the ground. He was awfully proud of himself when he learned to open chocolates that had been emptied from sibling stockings. Our family was thrilled when Santa left a new Wii for us under the tree. We have really enjoyed playing games together.

Christmas was all we had ever dreamed. Everyone got what they wished for and a whole lot more. Mom and Dad can't wait till all the batteries die and our home becomes quiet again!


dydy said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a wonderful and eventful holiday season. I really like your 12 days of Christmas countdown, a good way to really experience Christmas as a family. I might try that next year.

Lisa said...

I have been meaning to tell you how great your family picture was! How do you do that?!? I can't get 5 of us to look in the same direction, much less smile!