Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Toys, Toys, Toys

I have had it with the amount of toys in our house. This is just one room. We have toys everywhere! Just before Samuel was born every toy had a place and it was in it. Well a lot happens when mom is plugged into a breast pump and then sits for 35 min. bottle feeding a baby every two hours. So, this week I vow to get things under control and maybe in the DI trailer. If you have any brilliant ideas on how to organize toys for 6 kids let me know!

Wish me luck!


melissa said...

Good luck with that. I am currently fighting the toy battle myself, and I only have two not six!

Coronado's said...

1. see if the nursery needs any "new" toys to mix up things
2. hunt down the DI truck
3. post the bigger stuff or sets of things on craigslist (
4. invest in a really big trash can!

depending on how fed up i am with the scattered toys (or what time of the month it is), i usually opt for #4

Kasia said...

The thing that finally worked for me was we bought a bigger house!! we can finally give both our boys their own closets (instead of using it for storage). One thing I really like about our house is that the closets have a lot of shelves to store things on. We bought a lot of clear storage bins to organize toys and I love the rubbermaid ones that have the buttons on the top cause the boys can't open them by themselves so it cuts down on the mess.
I also love to rotate toys mostly because they play with it like it is a new toy when I bring it out and it may help to organize.
good luck!!

Anonymous said...

A familiar mess if I ever saw one. :)
Get some of these: