Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who said Bottle Feeding was easier?

Okay, now that I have Breastfeed 5 babies, I am forced to pump and bottle feed my last one. He is having sucking problems. I wish there was a neat medical term for it but so far no one knows what exactly the problem is. First they said that his tongue is tongue tied. So I was referred to a Pediatric Specialist. After feeling terrible about him having the procedure done, we clipped his tongue. It was a simple, pretty painless procedure. There was only one drop of blood, which happened to land right in the middle of my shirt. Well, I went home that day feeling very excited about the prospect of being able to nurse. No such luck! I've tried everything. Now that I have exhausted the lactation specialists they have referred us to a Chiropractor. Maybe his jaw is out of line. (He is not able to suck he just gums up and down). So, if this doesn't work we are going to see an Occupational Therapist for tongue therapy. Fun! Well, I hate getting up in the middle of the night. Putting a bottle of pumped breast milk in the bottle warmer and having to bounce around a screaming hungry baby. How do bottle feeding mom's do it? I really loved just rolling over, latching on the baby and going back to sleep. I do go back to sleep. Usually sitting upright on the couch till I hear the out of milk, baby sucking it dry, sound, which usually is good for 30 min. of burping. I really hope we get this nursing thing going soon!!!


melissa and nathan said...

Oh man Tiffani,
That is the worst thing ever!!
You so so do not need this, holy smokes. But, you sound positive. I have no hints except good luck!

Brent and Emily said...

Good luck! I bet he'll get the hang of it eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

Love ya!

melissa said...

Ugh, Tiff. No fun for you. Sorry to hear he's still having a hard time. And I am so totally with you on the whole it's easier to breastfeed, especially in the middle of the night, thing. I think after just two babies I have perfected the most comfortable position to sleep sitting up in the rocking chair while holding a nursing baby. :)

Coronado's said...

oh, that's stinky that this happened.... and with the last one. ugh! i pumped with the last one so that we could freeze it and i could wean early, but i remember how bad i hated sitting down every 2 hours to pump, and then have to wash all the pumping pieces and tubing. no fun, no fun. keep us posted with the solution that ends up working.

The Masons said...

Hey Tiffani- this is your long lost cousin Heather ;) I was looking at Emily's blog and found yours- I can't believe you just had #6!! I'm freaking out just trying to handle my first! I hear you on the breastfeeding thing- I HATE pumping, cleaning bottles, etc (although it's really hard to be a nursing mom in NYC- the church doesn't even have a mother's room). Anyway-good luck, I hope he gets the hang of it soon.