Friday, January 16, 2009

For my Decorating Inclined Friends

Okay, I've seen your houses so I know that you can help with my decorating dilema. After looking everywhere for the perfect bedding I have given up and am going to be happy with what I have. Now that the colors of my bed are chosen we moved onto painting, well Richard moved onto doing the painting. After sleeping in the Family room for 4 days the painting is done. So now what? The bed is made and it is awfully empty above it. Do I put a picture, wroght iron circle thing, or a vinyl word saying? How about a shelf? What should I do? What do you have above your bed? Do you have any favorite websites for decorating tips? Let me know what you think!

btw, we painted the walls Toffee Cream and Spanish Galleon. The walls look nice!


Older and Wisor said...

I'm not really sure what your style is (country, I'm guessing from the photos....I haven't been there in forever), but if you do do words, it should be "This is where the magic happens" haha. You could always go get some frames at walmart (the cheap ones with mattes and paint the frame if you don't like the black) and stack photos of your kids (2 rows of three or 3 rows of two). A shelf would work too, but you would have to put stuff on that too, so that doesn't really solve your problem ;)Get some fabric and put a panel on the far side of each set of windows and you're set. Congratulations on the paint!

Camille Farias said...

I would go with a framed picture, or one of those large canvas-y ones from IKEA. They're pretty cheap, they have a great selection and lots of variety, and you can always change it out if you decide to redecorate. I wouldn't go with a shelf, because they just collect dust. The wrought iron circle thingies are cool, but you'd need a pretty large one, which can be pricey and hard to hang. I wouldn't go with the vinyl letters. If you want, I could paint you something- as long as it's like a still-life or something modern. I couldn't do a portrait- those take forever and I don't have the time, but I've been itching to get my hands on my oils again. Send me a fabric swatch and the dimensions you want and I'll put something together for you. I even have the canvas.

Pollock Family said...

I'm with Rebecca on throwing some fabric up by the windows. I like putting them up as high as possible. It just makes the room look home-y. (This is Reb's sister by the way). There is a REALLY good blog on decor that does "mistreatments" that are cheap and easy. Go to She's way creative and there's no sewing involved!

Brent and Emily said...

I say, whatever you do, don't put something heavy or pointy above the bed, especially since you have your little ones in there with you so often. We do live in CA, and after Brent working in Catastrophe Management for the past 2 years, we've decided nothing goes above our sleeping heads unless it is earthquake safe. That's my advice. Something soft. Fabric panel, or words or if you do a metal something, make sure it is VERY securely bolted to the wall. We used to have the picture frame collage above our heads until we decided that, as cute as it is, we didn't want any one of those 30 frames falling on us if we bumped the wall of there was an earthquake or something.

Kasia said...

I am definitely not the best decorator but I love vinyl. I would do an image not a saying.
If we have a girl next I am getting the new su! chandeleir vinyl to put over the crib!
but for me I would stick to this cool tree I saw or classy flowers OR I would do a picture that calms me :)