Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Lost Tooth at your Age?

Well it finally came out! About two and half years ago Eprhaim's face hit the table. His bottom two teeth went through his lower lip. This resulted in lots of blood shed but no stitches. A few months later while playing he jumped on the couch and happened to hit bellow his gum line his mouth on the back of the couch. This resulted again in lots of blood shed and a trip to the dentist. After looking at some x-rays it was determined that he had fractured a part of his lower jaw. At the time no damamge had been done to the teeth. About 6 months ago Ephraim was playing again and hit his mouth on a toy. Once again a trip to the dentist. This time the x-ray showed that there was no root on one of his bottom teeth. The only thing holding that sucker in was the gums. Well yesterday while playing dogs and biting down on a plastic apple, the tooth, with a little help from mom, fell out! I guess in about 6 years he will get a new one. Maybe I shouldn't let Ephraim play any more its just too dangerous!


Rachel said...

Hello Tiffani! It's been fun to catch up on your life through your blog. Looks like things are going well for you all. Congrats on all six kids! They are beautiful!

I knocked out my own tooth when I was about his age, only, he looks more proud of it than I was! Cute picture!

melissa and nathan said...

He sounds like a fun and energetic kid! You have made a lot of trips to the dentist!
He is cute. Kids keep us going!

caraleewaddell said...

I just want to let you know that the evening that his tooth went through the lip wasn't the reason it took us so long to have a child, though I was a little shaken... :)