Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Child Labor, cheap way of getting things done!

Okay, so here is an update on figuring out what to do with our chores. First of all, I have found that no matter the system it seems that if the mom wants to have kids do chores I have to find a way to let them know what needs to be done. So how do I do that? I have enjoyed reading all of your comments. Thanks for all of your ideas. They have been very helpful. As I have been brainstorming new ways I have come up with a plan. I found some dry erase stickable paper that my husband bought a long time ago at Lowe's. It was super cheap and he knew I would find use for it eventually. I cut 4 large squares of the paper and stuck them behind the oldest 4's bedroom doors. I would have perfered a central location, but I am funny about those types of things being out where guests can see them. I perfer them to be hiden behind a door. During the morning when the kids are at school or before they wake on a weekend, I go to their spot and list all the things they have to get done. I will list the usual; make bed, clean up room, practice piano, home work, dishes, laundry and one other item like, hug someone today. The oldest three are paired up with the three younger and are to help with their dish duty or laundry. They usually have 30 min. break before they have to get started on a school day or we get started at 10 am on a weekend. 1 hr. before bedtime I check their progress. If they still have work to do they will be reminded. Hopefully they are done and have gotten free time if not they work. Just before bedtime if they have fininshed all their work they get a bedtime treat and a star on our family chart. Each star is worth $.25. We get paid once a month, so when the month is over they can add up their stars and we get to go to the book store. I like using this system for the older three that can read. I don't have to remind them and they know what they have to do in order to get free time and mom off their back. Ephraim and Gideon usually do what their partner is doing. It works pretty well so far. I guess when they rebel against the new system I will be back to the drawing board!

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