Monday, February 2, 2009

Family chores?

Okay it is hard for me to admit that I just don't have it all together. But, lately it seems like everything is just a little crazy. No matter how hard I try I just can't keep up with the household chores. I realize that it is time to ask the kids to help out more. I have in the past been really good at having job cards for the kids. Lately I ask them to do things and they do them. I have noticed that I usually don't get much help that doesn't accompany fussing. I know that if I am consistant in whatever we do they get used to the routine and just do the jobs. So, I am trying to revamp the old system and make it new again. So my question for you is how do you divy up the jobs. I have had jobs separated like so..... Each has a room to vaccum and a room to dust. Each has a sink in the bathroom to clean or a mirror. These are usually done only on Sat. The older children are paired up with the younger ones on some of the items. Doing dishes, they each have a part of the dishwasher to unload (i.e. plastic cups, silverware, glass cups and plates, misc. stuff) I usually load and have the oldest handwash any pots and small things. We have no dinner setting table routine. On weekdays they have usual chores(i.e. teeth, hair, bed, putting away laundry). SO how does it work in your home? How have you seen it work in others? Do you pay kids for doing their chores? If so how much? What ideas do you have for incentives?
I look forward to your ideas!


Kristen said...

I am anxious to see what everyone has to say. You'll have to let us know what you end up doing and how well it works. Carl asked me the other day for a chore chart, one he can put stickers on when he does his jobs...apparently some people never grow out of the joy of seeing the progress praised on paper on the fridge. :)

pianomom said...

My kids have checklists and a game board. Every day that they do all of their things on their checklist, they get to move their piece on the game board. If they don't do their chores or get in trouble for whatever reason, they move their piece back. When they get to the end of the game board, they get their allowance. This works really well for Spencer. Madison is not that into money. We are still trying to figure out what will work for her. I'll watch here for suggestions.

Older and Wisor said...

I am the WRONG person to ask for kids have only started doing chores in the past year *hides in shame* I have a hard time leaving things messy during the day when I'm home just so that they can "do their chore" when they get home from school at 3 or in Sierra's case 4. We have two chores: putting dishes away and taking out trash. The "boys" (minus Brendan) and Sierra rotate weekly. Now the boys are getting to be old enough that I can branch out and assign them different things to do....but what? That's where I get stuck. I know. Bad mom. I really do do everything, and long term that won't help them any. I did pick up a "schedule card holder" (like they use in Brendan's class and in preschool) at the dollar spot in Target last week with the intention of turning it into a chore chart. We'll see how that goes - when I finish it ;)

Amanda said...

As I sit here reading this there is toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom counter, my laundry is spilling into the hall, my son's legos are multiplying and replenishing his bedroom floor, the dress ups are scattered throughout the downstairs and my two little ones are running around the house screaming like wild banshees.
I'm not much help. But I can commensurate with you :)

The Miners said...

Hmmmm..chores..that sounds like a good idea!

Kasia said...

Trey had a job chart for a couple of years when he was 3 and 4, His jobs were making bed, brushing teeth, cleaning toys, and putting away the silverware. At first he really liked filling it with stickers to get a CARS car but after a while it didn't encourage him and it seemed like I was the one after the car and not him. Now we don't have job charts anymore. The kids main job is to clean up their toys and it is the biggest help to me, if they don't clean them up before they go to bed then they get put away (in the unfinished basement where they are afraid to go) either for a week or until they can clean their toys again.

Brady doesn't have other jobs but what do you give to a 2 (almost 3) year old??

My 5 year old also puts away his folded clothes, empties parts of the dishwasher and sometimes helps with vaccuuming.

I guess I am a mean mom cause I don't reward them but they are at the age where they are happy to help, It will be fun to hear more about what others use for rewards.

wow sorry for the mile long post :)

Big Momma said...

[I've got a boy on the potty so I apologize for any typos or spelling errors because I am just rushing through this.]

We're mean parents and start the slave labor early. Luckily they are still young and haven't revolted [yet].

*If they don't pick up their toys within the designated timeframe, whatever is on the ground away gets donated to goodwill or thrown away.

*If they do things without being asked, and/or without whining, they get a sticker on their "good listening" chart. When it's full, they decide what the reward will be; a toy, extra time on the video games, special time with mom/dad, a special activity, or a special dessert.

I have a friend that has a big list of everything that needs to get done throughout the week, as well as a big jar with pieces of paper. The paper pieces have different things that both the parents and children decided were good rewards. If everything got done by Saturday afternoon, the kids got to draw from the jar and got whatever it was. Sometimes it's going out to dinner, kids picking out what was for dinner, going to the movies, special dessert, family game night, or going to a huge indoor play (equivalent to John's Incredible pizza). I guess you could modify it to have smaller weekly rewards, and then for the month (or every other) have a bigger reward.

melissa and nathan said...

I do not have a 'chart'. The kids do get a teeny tiny allowance (if they remind me) on Saturdays. They are just expected to help out and I have a list of jobs for them to do on Saturday morning. In the summer they have a list everyday.
However, I do have a little positive incentive deal. I have a little envelope type thing for each child taped to the back of the pantry door. There is one envelope that has the tickets in it. If they do something randomly positive (be nice!!, help set the table w/o being asked, share!!, say sorry and really mean it-I did not have to force it out, those types of thing) they can put a ticket in their little envelope. I have a big bag full of 'stuff' (think Michaels projects that are cheap) items that range from cents to a couple dollars-you decide (books, puzzles, paint projects ect.) and they can count and turn their tickets in for these items. (I put a 'price' on each item. Some worth 1 ticket others 20. You get the idea. It has really worked out well. Been doing this since last summer.