Sunday, March 22, 2009

Totally Cool Diaper bag post from my Sister

Check out My sisters post. She has made a really cute diaper bag. If any one wants to be the first to try them out let her know!!

Here's her post. I couldn't get the pictures to transfer, so go to the site to see them!

So I made a bag this weekend. It is by far NOT perfect, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out, regardless. I had to scrap a few design features and pare down a few others because it seemed excessive, but it is really user-friendly, I think.
The exterior features one large pocket that could be used for a changing pad or whatever, two smaller pockets that are perfect for cell-phone and keys and stuff like that, or a bottle or two, and a side pocket that is sized to fit mom's water bottle.
Inside there is a divider running down the middle that has two bottle-sized pockets on one side. The sides of the bags have two more pockets that could work for bottles or snack containers and one REALLY large zippered pouch that I designed for mom's stuff or for things you want to keep hygenic like clean nipples or binkis, etc.
As far as the closure goes, I'm really terrible at installing zippers so I just have a tie closure. I haven't decided whether or not to adjust that on future bags.
The plastic bag liner didn't work out great because I couldn't get it to fuse to the fabric without scorching the fabric so I'm going to stick with traditional interfacing for future projects to avoid the floppy wrinkly look that I got here. I can still get the plastic bags to work great for wet bags and changing pads, and I'm still really committed to using found fabrics- I mean this little beauty is the bastard child of a set of recycled sheets and a $5 skirt! Can't top that, especially for 100% silk.
Anyway, I probably won't sell this bag because it's too sloppy and the inside was picked apart too many times while I was messing around with the dang divider (long story). I'm thinking of turning it into a laptop case because it's exactly the right size. Either that or like a bad-ass purse. Maybe a bag to carry around my Primary stuff in, since the one I have is SADLY ill-equipped.
What do you think? Any takers?

Update: I transferred my purse over to the bag. It's great! There are so many pockets that I feel like my stuff is really organized for the first time, with plenty room to grow. The plastic bag lining is really strong, yet lightweight, so at first I was worried that the bag was going to be too flimsy- but it's holding strong. I was also worried about the tie closure. It's working great for me, but I can see how a magnetic button or snap would work better on future bags. I may not have diapers to change or bottles to tote around, but as a working mom it's great to have a place for all of my stuff plus the random junk I have to carry around for hubby and the boy as well as all my school crap.I give the bag a B+ on construction (still not happy with the wrinkly appearance, and one of the exterior pockets would work a lot better with elastic) and a solid A on design.I can't wait to start cranking some more of these bad boys out.

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Camille Farias said...

Thanks for the free advertising, Tiff. The bag will sell for $40 with a coordinating changing pad, $35 without. Shipping averages around $5.00 anywhere in the continental U.S. There is a matching accessory set that includes 2 matching bibs, a wet bag, 2 burp cloths, a plush toy, and a portable diaper tote (big enough to hold about 3 diapers and a portable wipes container) that goes with it for another $30.
I'm working on making a few sets that I'll have up on my etsy shop some time in May (theoretically). I don't have any for sale now, but if you are really interested I can email you my fabric selection to make custom bags. I have some pretty cute stuff including lots of rock and roll inspired materials, a lot of Asian stuff, and some western/cowboy looking things. I'm also going to be putting matching decals on all future bags, so stay tuned for some samples featuring decal art in the future.
Thanks again!
Love ya!