Friday, April 3, 2009

Definately cute but not so innocent!

Gideon's Mug Shots

Every where I go I get comments on just how cute Gideon is. He is so super friendly. He always has a smile on his face and laughs at everything. At church he waves to every one and loves to play with the other kids during the baseball games. But this kid has another side to him. Recently he discovered how to call Ephraim names. Luckly for us his biting stage is finally over. Last weekend Faith and her friend McKenna babysat my friends kids and ours. Gideon helped another 2 yr old out the front door. Soon a knock came. A neighbor had seen them escape and brough them back. Yesterday again he made it outside. Ephraim came and told me that he had gone down the street and around the corner. Malachi asked Ephraim why he didn't go after him and E said" I didn't want to loose me!" I gave Gideon the long talk about strangers and asked do you want a scary badguy to take you away?" Knowing Gideon he'd love the adventure. So Gideon is no longer allowed out in the front yard and we have a nice new lock on the front door knob! We have voted him "Most Likely to get Kidnapped!" This one we'll have to watch very closely!


Camille Farias said...

I love your kids. Ephraim reminds me SO MUCH of Andrei at that age that I can't decide if it's scary or precious (I do think my little guy is the greatest thing in the world, after all). I can't wait to see you all again later on this year.
Love you, too!

Older and Wisor said...

If only Brendan understood about scary badguys...or oncoming traffic at rush hour. Enjoy the child proof stuff while you can. It never lasted long at our house. The kids could get past it in seconds (while it took Roger and I at LEAST 5 tries, and we knew what we were doing).

The Miners said...

I feel your time you see Kevin running toward your house, just go ahead and bring him back and I will do the same with Gideon!