Monday, January 26, 2009

42 Reasons Why I Love Him

Well I have been really wanting to dedicate one post just to my Husband. A few months ago I was tagged by my sister with a post about husbands. I promptly began drafting my reply and then my computer shut down. I was frustrated and then life just got in the way, so now that it is Richard's birthday tomorrow I am going to make an attempt to say a few things about him. Since he is now 42 I am going to title this "42 reasons why I love him"
1. He loves me.
2. He loves Faith
3. He loves Malachi
4. He loves Hope
5. He loves Ephraim
6. He loves Gideon
7. He loves Samuel

Okay no more cheating ....

He is .....
8. A wonderful Bishop, the best Bishop I've ever had
9. A hard worker
10. A good provider for a wife, two daughters and 4 sons that will soon eat us out of our home!
11. Trustworthy
12. Faithful, to me and to his Heavenly Father
13. Honest
14. A wonderful example of all that is good to me and the kids
15. Realiable
16. Puts others before himself
17. Dedicated
18. A wonderful son
19. Patient
20. A great story teller
21. An excellent gardner
22. Very handy, he can fix just about anything!
23. Very good at keeping money in his wallet (unless I find out there is some in there)!
24. Good at sitting through those girly movies with me.
25. Good teacher to not only his High School kids but ours as well.
26. Good friend
27. My best friend
28. Great at singing with my children.
29. A pro at putting the fussiest babies to sleep. I just wish he was home more often!
30. A good driver. I really appreciate his lack of road rage most men seem to have.
31. Helpful. He is great at loading the dishwasher, washing clothes, and vaccuming.
32. Excellent painter.
33. Gentle.
34. Healthy. ( and doesn't have a healthy appetite!)
35. Fun to play games with.
36. Good at making cool things with legos.
37. Humble
38. A wonderful partner. We work well together raising this large family
39.Makes great eggs
40. Good listener, especially at 11 pm. when he needs to be sleeping
41. Cheerful in the morning, when I'm not!
42. Willing to put up with me and all the crazy-ness I put him through.

Happy Birthday, Richard. I am Thankful that your parents chose to have 8 children. Thanks for sharing the last 16 years with me!
I love you and hope your birthday is full of happy memories.


melissa and nathan said...

That is awesome. He is a great guy and you are so awesome yourself!
YOur kids are lucky to be in your home.

Brent and Emily said...

That was so sweet! I got a little teary.

Brent and I have said that someday when we grown up, we want to be you guys.